US Thin Patch V/O


US Thin Patch V/O single component, modified repair mortar is a polymer modified, portland cement based concrete repair product. US Thin Patch V/O contains an integral corrosion inhibitor and dry polymer for added tensile, bond and flexural strengths. US Thin Patch V/O is ready to use, requiring only jobsite addition of potable water.

US Thin Patch V/O can be used on bridges, tunnels, balconies, parking decks, manholes, sewers, piers, bulkheads, elevated concrete slabs and slabs on grade.

Packaging: 50 lb bags – 56/pallet

  • APPLY IN THICKNESSES FROM ½” TO 2” PER LIFTVertical and overhead concrete repair productDry polymer provides high bond strength and durabilityExcellent freeze thaw resistanceShrinkage compensated and low permeability

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