HP Dot Repair Grade Mortar


HP DOT Grade Repair Mortar is a single component, high early strength concrete repair product designed for the rapid repair of roadways, decks and slabs. The material is easily mixed and placed, and is fully cured in less than two hours. HP DOT Grade Repair Mortar combines the latest concrete technologies and high quality raw materials, including an integral corrosion inhibitor, for a long lasting, high strength, durable concrete repair wherever long down times cannot be tolerated.

HP DOT Grade Repair Mortar can be used on highway bridge decks, concrete slabs on grade, airport runways, parking decks and elevated concrete slabs.

Packaging: 55 lb bags – 56/pallet

  • Rapid setting/SHRINKAGE COMPENSATED concrete repair productFully cured in less than 2 hoursTight bond to concrete structuresMade with C 33 concrete sandCan be extended

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