Gunite 7500


Gunite 7500 is a one component shotcrete concentrate containing special additives, air entrainment, corrosion inhibitors, silica fume and alkali resistant fibers for added tensile strength. Gunite 7500 is ready to use, requiring only jobsite addition of potable water and clean sand meeting ASTM C-33. Gunite 7500 sets normally which permits easy finishing and placement.

Gunite 7500 is formulated for dry process shotcrete methods.

Gunite 7500 can be used on bridges and roadways, tunnels and piers, manhole and sewer repairs, elevated concrete slabs, parking decks, piers and bulkheads.

Packaging: 50 lb bags – 56/pallet

  • Shotcrete concentrate for economical application of high performance materialSilica fume and alkali resistant fibers for added tensile strengthAir entrainmentCorrosion inhibitorDry process

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