Deck Mix LW


Deck Mix LW is a cement based repair mortar specifically formulated to be combined with ASTM C330 light weight aggregate. Deck Mix LW is ready to use, requiring only jobsite additions of potable water and C330 lightweight aggregate (10 lbs of C330 aggregate per 50 lb bag of the Deck Mix LW). This combination will produce a lightweight concrete containing specials admixtures for added density, tensile and flexural strengths. Air entrainment and an integral corrosion inhibitor give the resulting lightweight concrete advantages of protecting reinforcing steel and increases resistance to cracking freeze-thaw cycles. Deck Mix LW is a premium concrete repair product for structural concrete repair.

Deck Mix LW can be used anywhere the weight of standard portland cement concrete is not practical.

Packaging: 50 lb bags – 56/ pallet

  • Specifically formulated to be combined with ASTM C330 light weight aggregateShrinkage CompensatedAir EntrainmentCorrosion Inhibitor