Deck Mix UW


Deck Mix UW is single component, shrinkage compensated concrete mix designed for use underwater. Deck Mix UW features air entrainment, special cements, aggregates, micro silica, anti-washout agents and an integral corrosion inhibitor to protect reinforcing steel. Additional admixtures allow for easy placement and added bond strength. Air entrainment gives Deck Mix UW excellent durability and freeze thaw resistance. It is easy to use, requiring only potable water at the jobsite. Deck Mix UW is a premium concrete repair product for structural concrete repair.

Deck Mix UW has normal set time with continuous strength gain past 28 days. Placement is easy by hand or pump. Forms can be stripped one day after placement. A single component mix eliminates the need for storage of liquid polymer. Deck Mix UW is formulated to inhibit alkali silica reaction. Anti-washout agents allow underwater placement.

Deck Mix UW can be used on tunnels, bulkheads, dams, piers and culverts.

Packaging: 80 lb bags – 42/ pallet
50 lb bags – 56/pallet

  • Micro silicaAir entrainmentCorrosion inhibitorAnti-washout agents

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