US Cable Grout


US Cable Grout is specifically formulated to produce a fluid, pumpable, non-bleeding, shrinkage compensated grout mix with extended working time, meeting published PTI cable grout requirements. US Cable Grout provides maximum anchorage and protection from corrosion caused by aggressive agents and stress on post tensioned cables, anchors and rods.

US Cable Grout achieves a high strength at very high flow rates, and will not segregate.

The high flow at a low water/cement ratio assures a dense, durable, stable grout. US Cable Grout utilizes a propriety chemical combination with a propriety, non-gas generating, shrinkage compensation system.

Packaging: 50 lb bags – 56/pallet

  • Non-bleeding and shrinkage compensatedHigh early strengthVery fluid/pumpableExcellent bond to steel

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