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1-95 Ft. McHenry Tunnel, Baltimore Maryland

USCP Gunite 7101w Repair Mortar has been chosen for use on a two year project to repair the underside of the concrete roadways in all four tubes of the Ft. McHenry Tunnel. The tunnel, which opened in 1985, is a vital link on I-95 is the largest underwater highway tunnel built by the immersed tube method. Rebar corrosion on the underside of the concrete road deck causes expansion of the concrete and surface corrosion. Over the two year project up to 36,000 cu. ft. of gunite will be shot to reinforce the roadway after proper surface prepartion.

USCP Gunite 7101w is ideal for the job because it is:

  • low pressure, low velocity
  • shrinkage-compensated
  • fiber reinforced
  • polymer-modified

Performance features include low rebound, high build for vertical and overhead repairs. Gunite 7101w has high compressive strength (8000 psi at 28 days), as well as high tensile, flexural and bond strengths.

The concrete repairs in each tube are scheduled for the overnight hours, minimizing traffic disruptions on this key I-95 link. USCP’s ability to produce and deliver truckloads of 80 lb bags to meet the repair schedule helps keep the Ft. McHenry Tunnel project on time and on budget.