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  • polymer modification increases bond strength
  • fibers for superior tensile / lexural strengths / reduced drying shrinkage
  • high build, low rebound and dust
  • dry process formulation


Gunite 7001pd

Gunite 7001pd is polymer modified shotcrete mortar with micro silica and ½” polypropylene, alkali resistant fibers. Gunite 7001pd features polymer modification for increased bond strength and micro silica for higher density and lower permeability. Fibers give Gunite 7001pd added tensile and flexural strength while reducing drying shrinkage. An integral corrosion inhibitor protects reinforcing steel. Gunite 7001pd has excellent durability and air entrainment gives added resistance to freeze thaw cycling. Special additives greatly reduce dust and rebound. Easy to use, Gunite 7001pd requires only the addition of potable water at the job.

Gunite 7001pd is a dry process formulation.

Gunite 7001pd can be used on bridges and roadways, tunnels and piers, manhole and sewer repairs, elevated concrete slabs, parking decks, piers and bulkheads.

Packaging: 80 lb bags - 42/pallet

2000 lb Bulk Bags Available!


Ask about US Concrete Product availability in 2000 lb bulk bags for efficiency on big jobs.

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