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  • designed for underwater use
  • excellent compressive strength
  • low permeability
  • high bond to concrete substrates


US Underwater Grout

US Underwater Grout is a specifically formulated combination of portland cement, fine sands, special admixtures and anti-washout admixtures for filling voids underwater and structural repair in marine environments. When mixed with potable water, US Underwater Grout yields a durable, non-staining, non shrinking grout (expansive) with high bond and compressive strengths, and low permeability.

Mix US Underwater Grout to any consistency from plastic to flowable as job conditions warrant. Special admixtures allow placement into and under water without washing out of the cement paste and aggregates.

US Underwater Grout can be used on tunnel cavities, pile jackets, underwater anchoring systems and cavity filling in marine environments.

Packaging: 50 lb bags - 56/pallet

2000 lb Bulk Bags Available!


Ask about US Concrete Product availability in 2000 lb bulk bags for efficiency on big jobs.

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